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This site is for fun. You will not use it to be malicious and hurtful to people you don't know. There is enough pain in the world and this site is to alleviate some of that pain and frustration. We need to laugh at ourselves. You will not sue Theresa Devine. She is a single parent and an artist and has been struggling financially for 20 years. She doesn't have the time or money to deal with you, and besides the court system is already saturated with stupid people. If someone out there is hurt by someone using this site because they are being stupid, Theresa Devine is not liable because she can't control other people's actions and choices. You need to take it to the person doing the action against you and fight them not Theresa Devine. If you come after Theresa Devine, that is called triangulation and is very unhealthy. Get some therapy. And just in case you didn't hear it before, Theresa Devine does not have the time or money to deal with stupid people. If you are a law enforcement person the information gathered on this site is not verified and wouldn't be a good source of information so don't use it. You are participating in a work of art so all the submissions and monster images become the copyrighted intellectual property of Theresa Devine and she can use them to make more art and sell it, if anyone wants to buy it.
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